Live-Results ISSA World Series Alvor Portugal 2018

Rank Name Country R1 p1 R2 p2 R3 p3 R4 p4 R5 p5 R6 p6 R7 p7 R8 p8 Result
Alves Paulo POR POR
Wiesenhofer Reinhard AUT AUT
Hepp Marco GER GER
Russek Krzysztof POL POL
Torbet Andy GBR GBR
Douzenis Theodoros GRE GRE
Raimer Henrik SWE SWE
Hurd Max GBR GBR
Celoria Stefano ITA ITA
Bonfanti Simone ITA ITA
Lovemore Michael GBR GBR
Mendes Vitor POR POR
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Result Calculation

R1-R2 best jump
R3 sum of the best 2 jumps
R4-R5 sum of the best 3 jumps
R6-R7 sum of the best 4 jumps
R8 sum of the best 5 jumps


p penalty - if the difference of the two average speeds is 30.01 km/h or greater but less than 60.01 km/h
O.B.            O.B. (Out of Bounderies) - if the difference of the two average speeds  is 60,01 kmph or greater the score is 0,00
0,00 no jump



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