ISSA Competitions in the Year of Sars-CoV-2

Almost all sports are affected by this crisis, of course also parachute sports and the ISSA World Series. Unfortunately in a way that we and our competitors cannot seriously plan for the foreseeable future. Due to travel restrictions and measures in the various countries certain decisions were mandatory:

  • The ISSA SpeedSkydiving World Series 2020 was officially canceled
  • There will be no overall ranking in 2020.

We are happy to announce that some of the organizers are be able to run individual competitions later in the season!

The ISSA-Board has approved two competitions  as official ISSA Events so far ... one more is close to an approval. These competitions are called "ISSA Speed Skydiving Competition" and will take place according to the ISSA rules. The organizers will publish new bulletins and drop zones requirements on their own website and on facebook